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How To Use Instagram For Your Small Business

Optimize Your Profile

The main venture to any effective social networking fight is verifying your profile is advanced for that specific stage. In terms of online networking, one size does NOT fit all. Verify your business can be effectively seen by making your profile open, and utilize an acceptable profile picture with your logo. Incorporate your site connection, and utilize the profile depiction space to incorporate a succinct portrayal of your business. This realistic by gerry Moran provides an inside and out visual reference for making the ideal Instagram profile.

Follow Back

You don’t have to follow ALL of your followers, but those whose ideas and interests align with your business are exactly the type of folks you should follow.  That way you can stay engaged with them and they, in turn, will engage with you and your content


Marketers know that Instagram is a valuable tool used to reach thousands of customers. But it's not just the output of content that's valuable—the people and other businesses you follow on social media are of equal worth.and yeh If you do decide not to follow everyone on Instagra, Cartan advises to be strategic about curating your stream on Instagram —knowing your audience helps, but you must also think about what sort of content is going to be useful and entertaining to you.

Take Advantage Of Video

One of the most recent (and exciting) additions to Instagram is video. Users can now upload up to 15 seconds of custom video and apply one of Instagram’s famous filters to the finished product. report an all-time high of 188 million U.S. Internet users watching 37.7 billion online content videos in August alone, so there’s no excuse as to why your small businesses shouldn’t be creating video content! To make matters easier, we’ve created a free guide on ">How To Integrate Video Content Into Your instagram followers. So give it a read and press play on Instagram video.

Post your pictures to Instagram with a plan

Randomly posting photos can be fun – for a personal account! Your business account should only have photos posted with the intent of driving traffic and increasing engagement. Anything else is useless or, even worse – spam!

Before posting any photo on Instagram take a moment to think about whether or not it will actually help you reach your goals. If it doesn’t it may be best to hit the delete button and move on to better uses of your time. Good photos are ones which lead naturally to sharing links to your website and creating discussions and shares. Always have that in mind.


Using Hashtags on Instagram

To tag your photo with a hashtag, just follow these simple steps.

1. Open Instagram on your mobile device and snap a photo. Choose a filter (or a design with which you want your photo to appear).

2. Type you chosen hashtag in the caption box. Upload your photo.

3. If you want to place a hashtag on a previous photo, just click on the comments and post your tag in the comments box.

4. Once you have tagged the photo, clicking the hashtag will lead you to the other users who have also used the same hashtag for their photos

Hashtags do this by grouping conversations with the ‘#’ symbol followed by a word. You can join in on conversations or start your own You Instagram followersgrow when you Mentions do this by using the username of other Instagram accounts, these show up on the accounts of the user mentioned and their Instagram followers can see it as well.

Always be sure to use proper net etiquette. Don’t use a #michaeljackson or #justinbieber hashtag just because it’s popular if you don’t have a photo of Justin Bieber, or if you’re in no way related to the music or dance industry. This is how you become a spammer, and becoming a spammer is a quick way to turn people off of your brand.


Look at what major brands are doing on the app and see if you can copy some techniques. Instagram also has a website with tips and links to big brands that are using its app at business.instagram.com.


As your following grows, so will the comments from users. People ask where they can buy items, sizes or what time your store closes. Those questions need to be monitored so you don't miss a sale thats why you should respond your Instagram

Show Off Products

The best way for businesses to use Instagram is to show off the products and services they have to offer. Restaurants can post their daily specials, crafters and artists can create portfolios, and retailers can show off new products. The important thing is to make sure you understand your Instagram following and you post content they are interested in and is relevant to them.

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